Logistics Solution

Distributor of Consumer Electronics

As one of the leading distribution companies, we are proud to have a global outreach that spans over countries like the USA, Latin America, Europe and Middle East. We are a sedulous team that’s constantly working towards expanding our growth and reach to various parts of the world.

Our offices are located in some of the most well-connected countries, easing our reach to both the customer and the logistic partner. For speedy deliveries, we have tied up with the most popular and reliable logistic partner – FedEx, DHL. FedEx, DHL is the world’s fastest logistics company, with a goal to deliver more than just parcels with their diverse portfolio of transportation, e-commerce and business solutions. At FedEx the team of 490,000 members continuously work to create opportunities that fuel innovation, energize business and link almost 99% of the world’s GDP with their massive reach of 220 countries across the globe.

With respect to product partnerships, we’re happy to share that we have partnered with the most popular and successful electronic brands. 

The aim for our company being, to allow our customers to get their hands on their favorite electronics, which are not readily available in the market at a reasonable rate.

Our orders are managed and monitored by a team of in-house experts who help you with the buying process. Speedy dispatch along with quick deliveries are our top priorities to serve our customers in the best possible manner and FedEx DHL’s widespread reach and reliability makes the entire distribution procedure a hassle-free one. We also provide additional services such as drop shipping, reverse logistics, and distribution services to government entities at special rates. Our team of expert salesmen, warehouse managers, and logistic partners work in synergy to ensure every product reaches its correct destination safely.

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